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National Apprentice Day is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is working with employers and families nationwide to help build a stronger, more vibrant, and highly skilled workforce.  All services rendered are free to families and employers. In return for giving their time, we document the day. We write an article, make a video, and take photos which we promote on our website and on social media.

All services are funded by donations from our contributors.

Our Mission

Our mission emphasizes what we are all about – connecting America’s youth to their dream job.

It is our duty to advance education through job shadowing programs that introduce youth to various work skills and careers so we can give youth the skills necessary to succeed in life.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to close America’s skills gap and take millions of youth out of poverty.

Our Services

  • Apprentice Day Everyday
    • This is a free, year-round program that is a one-day job shadowing opportunity for youth, ages 6-18.
  • 12-Month Apprenticeship
    • This is a free 12-month program designed to give young adults the opportunity to work for a real employer and gain real life qualifications while gaining valuable workplace skills and experience.
  • National Career Services
    • We provide youth with resources and one-on-one counseling to help guide them toward the career path that fits them best.
  • Innovator Program
    • This program is designed for young entrepreneurs who need their ideas funded
  • Mentor Program
    • Employers have the ability to guide and mentor their apprentice(s) through one-on-one advising.

National Apprentice Day

  • Held on the third Thursday of September each year, National Apprentice Day celebrates the apprentice day program and acknowledge our youth apprentices, employers, volunteers, and donors who make this program possible.
  • Upcoming National Apprentice Day dates:
    • September 15, 2016
    • September 21, 2017
    • September 20, 2018
    • September 19, 2019
    • September 17, 2020

Why it Matters

We are building a community of business leaders to guide young adults in exploring their dream jobs. Apprenticeships change absolutely everything. With national support,we are able to:

  • Close America’s skills gap
  • Take millions of kids out of poverty
  • Lead the next generation toward equal and unlimited opportunity

According to the labor department, 5.8 million jobs today cannot be filled due to a growing skills gap. Of the 47 million youth living in the United States between 6-18 years, 16 million are living in poverty. Our programs matter because we are working to resolve both of these major issues.

“For years, experts have warned that Americans don’t have the skills required for new job fields, especially in engineering, technical, and science-related jobs.”

In 2015, a pilot program was successfully executed with 41 students and 11 employers.

Skilled jobs depend on a skilled workforce and every child (regardless of income, race, or gender) deserves a fair and equal opportunity to succeed in life. Our purpose is to close the skills gap and reach out to all of America’s youth, especially those living in poverty.

From receiving a meal at an employer’s business, to assisting in transportation, to providing opportunities to learn new skills, to mentoring, we are here to help with a case by case needs based approach.

Our programs demonstrate 5 key features:

  • we value youth of all backgrounds, without exception
  • we are built around growth and discovery
  • we engage business leaders as key partners in our youths workplace success
  • we screen employers for criminal history including child molestation, as well as workplace safety
  • we assure that our apprentices have access to quality employment opportunities

We Value our Relationships w/ Employers

We value our relationship with employers and we are here to share their stories on our:

How you can help:

Help us get the word out! We have the ability to help millions of youth across the United States find their strengths and build confidence. Help us become a national conversation. Make free apprenticeships with business leaders around the United States a reality.

If you have any questions regarding our press pack, please feel free to contact us at info@apprenticeday.org or call 1-888-B-DREAM’N.


Thank you to our apprentice day partners for their support. Learn more about becoming a partner.