Our Partners

Partnerships are what allow National Apprentice Day to operate. For this reason all services are free of charge.

We are seeking long term, multi-faceted, value driven partnerships.

The foundation of National Apprentice Day is the family of caring and skilled employers and contributors. Without them we have no service to provide the youth of this country. When you become a partner with National Apprentice Day, we go beyond fund development and our focus is to make apprentice day experiences a story of team success that deserves to be shared with the rest of the world. You are helping a nationally recognized cause create a national level impact on American society. From recruitment, to coordination of events, to apprenticeship program success, to media publishing, we are with you every step of the way. deliver mutual value to you. Our Business Value Proposition (BVP) offers your business with multiple benefits and objectives. outlines a glimpse of the benefits we provide to create a win-win partnerships.  


International Recognition:

  • All apprentice day visits, apprenticeship programs and mentoring programs are eligible on National Apprentice Day’s internationally reaching media outlets. We are here to tell the stories of how you show the benefit you are giving to help America’s youth, the United States job market, and society:
    • Apprenticeday.org articles and videos
    • Youtube videos
    • Facebook articles and videos
    • LinkedIn articles
    • Twitter tweets
    • Instagram photos and videos
    • Snapchat photos and videos
    • Print mailing media
    • National Apprentice Day online, email, and print.

How a partnership with National Apprentice Day can benefit you and your company:

  • Drawing international social media recognition and promotion.
  • Increased sales opportunities your sales of products or services
  • Improved employee retention, engagement and morale Increase employee engagement, morale and retention
  • Increased brand recognition and loyalty
  • Stronger brand loyalty
  • News media coverage opportunities
  • Additional purpose for your company mission
  • Improved corporate citizenship Increased shareholder return
  • Employee skills, team building, and leadership development
  • Increased business to business networking reach. Attract new business partners and relationships
  • Tax deductions for monetary and material contributions Receive a tax receipt for contributions.

How your partnership benefits our organization cause:

  • You create real life stories about lifting millions of youth out of poverty by teaching valuable job skills and sharing priceless mentoring wisdom.  You will be introducing America’s youth to jobs that require valuable skills.
  • You will provide professional development for apprentices around the country
  • You will help close the U.S. skills gap which currently stands at over 5 million open jobs
  • Your help will increase our funding to provide all of the services listed on the How it Works page
  • Your help will expand our donor contributor base
  • Your help will connect us to new business partners 
  • You will help us attract new talented and caring volunteers, employees and board members
  • You will help us attract endorsement opportunities
  • Your help will increase our global brand recognition
  • Your help will increase our news media coverage
  • Your help expands our social media reach
  • In short, you will help us create hope, inspiration and the necessary tools to help the under privileged youth and ailing labor market of this great nation. Employers and contributors like you are what enable National Apprentice Day to succeed.

We are creating a win-win partnership with multiple benefits and objectives.


All services are free for apprentices and employers.

When you become a partner with National Apprentice Day we work together to create a win-win partnership with multiple benefits and objectives. We are maximizing strategic marketing and fund development success for a nationally recognized cause. We are here to share the benefit you are giving society. Become a partner today.

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