Learn Veterinary Services at Fisher Hollow Vet Clinic

Type of Business: Veterinarian
Job Shadow Details:

Located in Damascus, Virginia, Fisher Hollow Vet Clinic is a locally owned/operated veterinarian clinic that provides quality care to pets no matter how large or small. They offer treatment and surgery with 24 hour emergency service.

Job Duties:

  • Wear issued uniforms and adhere to dress code
  • Communicate clearly, honestly, and respectfully with all clinic staff, fellow peers, parents, and volunteers
  • Assist with vet duties
  • Follow all clinic safety and security procedures

Learning Outcomes:

  • Animal care and health studies
  • Understanding the basics of spaying, neutering, setting broken bones, treating wounds, providing geriatric care for older pets.
  • Depending on the situation, apprentices may be exposed to an animal’s X-rays and see medicines for animals with illnesses. They may witness a surgery and euthanasia if necessary.
  • Recognizing the education requirements to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree.
  • Understanding the responsibilities of a DVM
  • Recognizing the importance of delivering high quality customer service concerning veterinarian services, protocol, and procedures.
  • Learning the importance of veterinary medicine. Apply subject matter learning in evaluation of “real world” situations and accordingly formate immediate course of action
Type: Veterinarian
No. of Youth Apprentices: 1-2
Available Dates:
  • This employer offers yearly apprentice days
Job Time: n/a

Interested in this apprentice day? Email us at info@apprenticeday.org 



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