February 5 & 6: Apprentice Days w/ Senators and Delegates at WV Capitol Complex!

Type of Business: Legislature
Job Shadow Details:

As a Young Apprentice to a WV State Senator or WV Delegate, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in constituent relations (communicating with folks back home and visitors at the capitol),
  • Research issues (on committees and utilizing experts in the field)
  • Learn the work of legislation (debating and voting on bills in committee and in the Senate or House of Delegates)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Constituent relations
  • Understanding legislation
  • Senatorial debate
  • Voting on bills in committee and in the WV Senate or House of Delegates
  • How to research issues on committees
  • How to utilize experts when researching issues

Provided: Lunch

Ages: 11-18 (middle school, high school)

Ideal Young Apprentices would be from the areas of the Representatives

State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305

No. of Youth Apprentices: 35
Available Dates:
    • These apprentice days are available on February 5 & 6, 2020.
Job Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm

On February 5th and 6th from 10am-2pm, West Virginia youth, ages 11-18, will have the opportunity to experience an Apprentice Day with their West Virginia Senator or Delegate or in the Capitol Kitchen at the Capitol Complex in Charleston. This special event is organized by Apprentice Network, Inc. (ANi), a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides dynamic work-readiness and employability education, experience, training, and support for youth ages 6-21.

Participating Young Apprentices, ages 11-18, will have the opportunity to work in the Capitol’s Cafeteria or engage in constituent relations (communicating with folks back home and/or visitors at the capitol), research issues (on committees and utilizing experts in the field), and learn the work of legislation (debating and voting on bills in committee and in the Senate). By the end of the day, ANi Young Apprentices will have a better understanding of constituent relations, legislation, Senatorial debate, voting on bills, how to research issues, and how to utilize experts when researching issues.

For this year’s Apprentice Days at the Capitol, participating Senators include:

  • Senator Stephen Baldwin (Greenbrier) – 5 Young Apprentices
  • Senator Sue Cline (Wyoming) – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Senator Paul Hardesty (Logan) – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Senator Mark R. Maynard (Wayne) – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Senator Corey Palumbo – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Senator John Pitsenbarger (Nicholas) – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Senator Michael J. Romano (Harrison) – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Senator Patricia Puertas Rucker (Jefferson) – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Senator Randy E. Smith (Tucker) – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Senator Ron D. Stollings (Boone) – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Senator Tom Takubo (Kanawha) – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Senator Eric J. Tarr (Putman) – 2 Young Apprentices

Participating Delegates include:

  • Delegate Jeffrey Campbell (Greenbrier) – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Delegate Cindy Lavender Bowe (Greenbrier) – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Delegate Tim Tomblin (Logan) – 2 Young Apprentices
  • Delegate Ralph Rodighiero (Logan) – 2 Young Apprentices

To sign-up for this Apprentice Day with your Senator or Delegate at the Capitol,

complete the registration form below.

ANi provides a year-round curriculum for ages 6-21, which is offered during the school-year and 2-6 weeks in the summer. Young Apprentices (ANYAs) envision their lives, align their career goals with their vision and gain confidence in their social and technical skills, all of which are associated with better educational and employment outcomes. They gain insight into a future job market and make valuable connections with employers. They also learn the value of money and acquire critical financial skills as well as responsibility.  Our aim is to build confidence along with valuable work experience which ANYAs can add to their resume.  Ultimately, ANYAs learn how to balance work and education and other necessary life skills encouraging a healthy transition to adulthood.  A side benefit is that ANi teaches youth constructive and productive ways to use their free time.

The ANi Formula, Life Design + Career Strategies + Work Experience = Ready4Work, provides the foundation for a powerful tiered program based on a multi-dimensional curriculum for life and career achievement. Learn more about at ANiWorkMatters.org and follow @aniworkmatters on twitter, facebook, and instagram.



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