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Welcome to National Apprentice Day, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization connecting kids to their dream job. This program is free for kids and businesses, donation funded.

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Apprentice Day:

This program is designed to provide students with real-world experience in identified areas of career interest by working in partnership with nearby businesses and industries, schools, medical facilities, government, and other community and service organizations. Cooperating partners act as mentors, guiding the students as they work toward gaining practical experiences that align with their personal learning goals. Each student apprentice gains knowledge of the entry-level requirements of a profession and experiences the real-life work environment.

National Apprentice Day is a 501(c)3 non-profit and has connected over 180 students to the following businesses. To connect more kids to their dream job, we are always seeking donations, corporate sponsors, grant funding, and volunteers.

2015-2018 Apprentice Day Sites

Greenbrier County, West Virginia:

The Greenbrier Resort: 56 students (2015 & 2016)
The Greenbrier Resort: 31 students (2018)
Greenbrier Sporting Club: 4 students (2017)
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine: 33 students (2017)
Greenbrier Physicians, Inc.: 5 students (2016)
Travis Farley Design: 2 students (2016)
When Pigs Fly BBQ.: 2 students (2016)
Baldwin for WV: 3 students (2016)
Country Roads CrossFit: 1 student
Carnegie Hall: 1 student (2016)
The Front Porch
The French Goat: 2 students (2018)
Ronceverte Presbyterian Church
Lewisburg United Methodist Church: 4 students (2017)
HashtagWV: 8 students (2015, 2016, 2017)
City of Lewisburg: 3 students (2015)
Bella the Corner Gourmet: 1 student (2015)
Greenbrier Valley Baking Co: 6 students (2015)
Stardust Café
Greenbrier Technical Services: 3 students (2017)
Appalachian Electronic Instruments: 4 students (2015 & 2017)
Greenbrier Episcopal School
E Lavoyd Morgan Jr. & Associates: 1 student (2015)
Tag Architect Studio: 2 students (2015)
Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company
Goodladd Dog Training: 1 student (2017)
Sunset Berry Farms: 2 students (2017)
Greenbrier Technologies & Electric: 1 student (2018)
Love Child
Landings Restaurant

Monroe County, West Virginia

Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve: 6 students (2016 & 2017)

Kanawha County, West Virginia

Senator Stephen Baldwin: 4 students (2018)

Mercer County, West Virginia

WVVA News: 1 student (2018)

Washington County, Virginia

Fisher Hollow Vet Clinic: 2 students (2018)

Atlanta, Georgia

Metro Atlanta Lawncare

Your dream job. You imagine it. We find it. Free.


Apprentice Day Program:

  • The Apprentice Day Program is year-round. This is a one-day job shadowing opportunity for youth, ages 6-18.
  • Business leaders, from across the United States, welcome our apprentices to their workplace for a few hours and show them how things work.
  • This program is a wonderful experience for our youth as they can start planning for their future.

“The kids had a blast!!! Your operation is WONDERFUL! Letting kids experience real life, hands-on training is priceless!! P.S. they were happy to go home with some buffalo meat! I enjoyed you and the students!! See you soon! ” – Cortney White, owner at Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve.


12-Month Apprenticeship:

 Have you completed an apprentice day? Are you ready to learn more? Sign up for a 12-month apprenticeship and get on the job training! When you complete your apprenticeship you will receive a 12-Month Apprenticeship Certificate from us and we will share your story.

This program is designed to give young adults the opportunity to work for a real employer and gain real-life qualifications while gaining valuable workplace skills and experience. All apprentices will be required to work for at least 15 hours a week, apart from in exceptional circumstances. The Company’s apprenticeships will cover many different industries and job roles.

If you are interested in participating in this program, email us at

apprentice day career services

National Career Services:

Not sure what you want to do and need help getting started? We are here to help guide you toward the right career path!

Through National Career Services, we can provide you with resources and one-on-one counseling to help guide you toward the career path that fits you best.

How it Works:

Step 1: Take the Free Interest Profiler Test


Step 2: You may be ready to go!

Step 3: Okay, you need some guidance. Complete this form:

Step 4: We will review your answers and contact you in a timely manner!


Dream Fund:

You are the next drivers of our economy. You will be our innovators, dreamers, and the ones crazy enough to create something from nothing and potentially change the world. We are here to support you so you can make a difference in the world.

How we can help you:

In essay form, tell us about yourself and where you are going in life.

How the Dream Fund works:

  • You must have successfully completed the 12-month Apprenticeship Program
  • Funds may be used for college, a trade school, a business, or innovate idea.
  • Once a year, our contributors vote to choose the winner.

Click here to get started!

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Become an Employer:

We are building a community of business leaders to guide young adults in exploring their dream jobs. As a registered employer with Apprentice Day, you become an advocate for apprenticeships and an inspirational leader to our apprentices. You understand that apprenticeships change absolutely everything and by joining you are actively taking the extra step to lead the youth in your community and nationally:

  • Close America’s skills gap
  • Take millions of kids out of poverty
  • Lead the next generation toward equal and unlimited opportunity

Apprentice Day Employer Packet: CLICK HERE to view/download.

We thank you for taking the time to give back to the next generation and show that dreams are attainable regardless of income, race, gender, educational performance, impairment, and disability. Working together, we can connect America’s youth to your apprenticeships and offer an unparalleled chance to learn from you leaders and your experiences.

Would you like to become an employer? Learn more at Give Back or Register your business now!

All visits and mentoring are eligible for our youtube, facebook, instagram, and other media to show the benefit you are giving society.

country roads crossfit apprentice day

Mentor Program:

National Apprentice Day puts the experience and perspective of its employers at the service of the millennial generation. Our employers help shape the apprentices professional future by offering their expert knowledge of the job.

When you are registered with our organization, you are a leader but you can go the extra distance and become a Mentor. As a Mentor, you become an advocate or mentor for youth who are interested in your industry. You will have the ability to guide and mentor your apprentice(s) through one-on-one advising.

Are you a registered employer and would like to take the extra step to give back? Become a Mentor!