Frequently Asked Questions

I want to volunteer:

There are a few ways you can find volunteering opportunities near you. Please visit our volunteer page to sign up. We may have volunteer opportunities in your area!

I am interested in working for National Apprentice Day as an intern or employee:

Excellent! To see posted job opportunities all across the National Apprentice Day network, click here.

I want my business involved with National Apprentice Day:

That’s great! Click here to learn more about becoming an employer or mentor!

I want to request funding for school or my project:

We may be able to help you. Please visit our Dream Fund page and complete the form provided. We award one $5,000 grant every year. Our contributors choose who wins the grant.

What does National Apprentice Day do?

National Apprentice Day is engaged across the United States to create solutions that build stronger communities. We’re improving children’s lives by connecting them with their dream job. Our goal is to close America’s skills gap and take millions of youth out of poverty. We cannot do it alone. We need volunteers and donors across the country to help us advance the apprentice day everyday program so we can provide solutions.

We can bring youth and organizations together to do more together than any of us can do on our own. Employers, nonprofits, government, faith organizations, educators, labor, health providers, community leaders, youth and many others are invited to partner with us. Together, we can tackle some of our country’s toughest issues. We’re after solutions that create real change. It’s not simple, or easy. But we’re making progress, and seeing results.

Want to know more?  Please read more about the work of National Apprentice Day. On this website, you can see examples of work at the National Apprentice Day.

If you want to know more specifics about what’s happening in your community, please connect with us. 1-888-B-DREAM’N or email us at info@apprenticeday.org

What are National Apprentice Day’s overhead and administrative costs?

National Apprentice Day is the leadership and support organization for a network of youth and employer across the United States. Our work is 100% supported by donors.

National Apprentice Day’s network’s administration/overhead rate of 13.8% is very competitive with the nation’s top 100 nonprofits. It’s well below industry standards and recommendations (like the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance at 35% and the Office of Personnel Management/OPM at 25%).

If you want information about National Apprentice Day’s expense or overhead rates, please contact us at info@apprenticeday.org

I feel pressured to give at my workplace:

Giving should always be a personal matter and decision, free from coercion.

We don’t want campaigns using undue pressure in any way, shape or form. That’s not who we are, and it’s in direct conflict with our operating standards. That’s why we conduct training programs for fundraisers. We emphasize the use of information and education, not pressure tactics. We recommend that workplace fundraising be led by peers, not managers.  And we discourage the practice of setting 100 percent participation as a campaign fundraising goal.

National Apprentice Day’s Board of Directors has made this official by adopting the following policy statement:  The Board of Governors of National Apprentice Day …  believes that the most responsive contributors are those who have the opportunity to become informed and involved.  A well-planned campaign with an effective communications program, conducted by committed volunteers, will ensure responsive contributors.  While we have always been unalterably opposed to coercion, we do recognize a responsibility to state our beliefs formally, as freedom of choice is a basic tenet of our democratic society.

If you have felt pressured to donate to a National Apprentice Day campaign, we encourage you to raise those concerns directly with your local National Apprentice Day.

What is the salary of president and founder, Christina Entenmann?

Since the start of National Apprentice Day in 2015, Christina Entenmann has not taken a salary.

How are salaries determined?

The Executive Compensation Committee of the Board of Trustees commissions an annual review by an independent consulting firm to evaluate National Apprentice Day’s compensation against the competitive market. The evaluation is intended to ensure that the compensation program falls within a reasonable range of competitive practices for comparable positions among similarly situated organizations, specifically, the nation’s largest public charities and certain private foundations. Following the review, the Committee evaluates National Apprentice Day’s overall competitiveness and the appropriateness of the overall program, and then makes recommendations to the full Board of Trustees on salary adjustments, annual incentive opportunities and performance goals and objectives for the upcoming year.

None of these responses address my concern:

Please use the form on our Contact Us page and submit your question(s) to National Apprentice Day