Based on the famous spas of Europe, in 1911 the C&O Railroad began construction of “a European cure in America” to be known as The Greenbrier Mineral Bath Department.

Seventy-five years later, Bill Pitt, the President of the Greenbrier Hotel, retained Architect, Master Designer TAG Galyean to study the bath department’s operational history and water-based cures, and to invent “the first, post WWII, Luxury Resort Spa in America”. The project, completed in 1988, was enthusiastically received by guests and immediately became a new profit center for The Hotel.

Since, TAG Studio has planned and designed a dozen luxury resort spas based on the strategies first understood at The Greenbrier; updating insights with reviews of each subsequent spa project. Valuable hydrotherapies, first brought from Europe in 1911, have been re-envisioned to utilize contemporary technologies and expectations. Signature showers and baths enhance the spa experience and retain the proven benefits of spa hydrotherapy.

TAG Studio believes that it is now time to creatively apply knowledge gained in the resort amenity spa experience to other opportunities addressing a new generation including urban hotels, club and resort club opportunities.

Today, Taylor Galyean and TAG Galyean share the leadership of TAG Studio’s spa work. (Son and Father)

Taylor (MArch, MIT, 1995) has over fifteen years of spa and resort design experience; is the founder of TAG Shower, a company developing unique technologically advanced hydrotherapies. Understanding the genuine historical benefits, Taylor brings the 21st Century point of view to our planning and design work.

TAG (BArch, Pratt, 1966) has over twenty-five years of spa and resort design experience and has been awarded Hospitality Design’s “Platinum Circle Award”.

With strong references, experience, and commitment the TAG Studio is a valuable professional resource for Spa Projects.

The TAG Studio clients extend throughout the United States, the Pacific and Caribbean Islands.

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