Sunset Berry Farm

Sunset Berry Farm is devoted to doing their part to increase food access in their community. They promise to give as they grow, which means the more they sell, the more they grow, the more they give (sell, grow, give & repeat, repeat, repeat). Their goal is to provide consistent support to local food pantries, starting with our home pantry in Alderson. While they are not yet “consistent”, they have initiated this project in 2015/2016 with large scale donations of sweet corn, cantaloupe & onions in quantities to feed every patron at the Alderson Food Pantry. They are presently looking forward to progress toward our goal of providing consistent fresh fruits & veggies, on a monthly basis, to every Alderson Food Pantry patron year round. In 2016, they developed a senior CSA donation program, which allowed them to treat two local seniors with weekly fruits & veggies all season long and two other seniors received several treats as product was available throughout the season.

How this business started: Kent has been growing strawberries since age 8, along side his father and uncle, who discovered the opportunity to turn their love for growing berries into much needed family income. Kent’s “real” job at Alderson Federal Prison brought him to Alderson, where he purchased a home and 60 acres atop beautiful Flat Mountain. His childhood roots soon emerged from dormancy when Kent found himself sowing a field of strawberries, which blossomed into Sunset Berry Farm in 2010.

Farming part time on his off days from the prison, under constant threat from deer/bear intrusion and weather related loss, Kent has grown strawberry production from 300 gallons in the first season to 724 gallons in 2016 and projects an amazing 1500 gallons of strawberry deliciousness the coming season.

Sunset Berry Farm invites you to visit them in 2017 during the months of May & June to participate in strawberry harvest!



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