Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin for House of Delegates

Employer Name: Stephen Baldwin for House of Delegates
Industry: Politics, Government
Job Duties:

  • Communications (public speaking, phone calls, door knocking, writing, editing, social media)
  • Research
  • Fundraising
  • Event planning
  • Attend community events/meetings
  • Learn what it’s like to run for office!

Stephen Baldwin House of Delegates

Stephen Baldwin (D) is a candidate for the House of Delegates (2016) in the 42nd district. He is a minister at Ronceverte Presbyterian Church. Stephen teaches, preaches, plan worships, leads a staff of seven, manages the property, facilitates small groups, performs weddings & funerals, directs folks in need to available resources, coordinates mission projects and workcamps, and serves as a spiritual resource to the community. Over the past eight years, the church has grown in numbers and outreach to the community thanks to a dedicated church family.

In 2012, the voters of Greenbrier County elected Stephen as the top vote-getter to the Board of Education where we still serves. He has taken that job very seriously and visits schools as often as they have him to see what it’s really like to teach and learn in today’s school system.

Employer Information

Greenbrier County, WV, USA

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