Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve


Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve is located in Monroe County, WV. They are a privately owned and operated high fence hunting preserve. In business for 16 years and still growing, the preserve offers big game hunts which includes: Buffalo, red stags, elk, wild boar, rams, fallow deer, whitetail deer and exotics.

They are open all year round, seven days a week. Customers visit from all over the world to hunt. They offer upscale lodging, skinning and quartering facility as well as butchering.

“The kids had a blast!!! Your operation is WONDERFUL! Letting kids experience real life, hands on training is priceless!! P.S. they were happy to go home with some buffalo meat! I enjoyed you and the students!! See you soon! ” – Cortney White, owner at Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve (apprentice day on Dec 2. 2016)

They ASSURE National Apprentice Day that this job will teach kids in many ways!! “Being out in the great outdoors, learning about different animals, guiding hunts, providing excellent customer service and learning about what it takes to own and operate a business!!”

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