Goodladd Dog Training

Apprentice Day employer, Janine Lazarus owns and operates Goodladd Dog Training in Alderson, West Virginia. She offers professional canine services and dog training.

Janine believes that every dog needs to sure of what is expected of him in his relationship with you. “He needs to know that you are hearing what he is trying to communicate to you. From a young pup until his later years, every dog needs to have clear guidance and a consistent feedback from his human partner – this is the basis for a lifetime of the loyalty and enjoyment we have come to expect from our canine friends.” – Janine Lazarus.

Janine will teach her apprentices obedience training with empathy.

Janine offers the following services:


Work one on one with your dog and Janine. A great way to focus on your dog without distractions. In your home, at our farm or on location.


Sometimes the only way to work on problems in the home is to work on them at home… set up a time that fits your schedule.


A rapidly growing resource for distance communication and no leash control. Let’s talk about how to kindly stay “in touch” while your dog runs free!


Your dog comes to my home and spends two weeks learning how to be a happy member of your family!! Basic obedience commands addressed along with the more subtle skills of pack socialization with humans and other animals.


In “Basic obedience” “Rally obedience” and “Canine Good Citizen”  Certification. Classes limited to 10 participants. Six weekly classes per session. Call for dates and times.

Employer Information

1518 Muddy Creek Mountain Rd, Alderson, WV 24910, USA

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