Bella The Corner Gourmet

Bella the Corner Gourmet Lewisburg WV

Business Name: Bella the Corner Gourmet
Type of Business: Kitchen Store, Small Business
Location: Lewisburg, West Virginia

Bella Corner Gourmet

Bella the Corner Gourmet opened its doors in April 2010 in beautiful downtown Lewisburg, West Virginia. This shop offers a wide array of fabulous gourmet products – from artisan cheeses to unique and useful kitchenware and pantry items. They offer custom baskets for an exceptional one-of-a-kind gifts and they also support many of local artisans who produce beautiful wooden and pottery items for the kitchen, local bakers, local cheesemakers, and wine makers.

This shop is owned and operated by Tamera Pence (pictured above from an apprentice day with our student in 2015).  Her intention is to bring new life to the corner in downtown Lewisburg with great shopping. She looks forward to helping students plan for their future in small business. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the responsibilities of a small business
  • Have an understanding of marketing/sales strategies and implementation to drive business, such as print advertising, public relations, online marketing, and networking.
  • Recognizing the importance of delivering high quality customer service concerning product knowledge and delivery
  • Learning the importance of communications and customer service skills. Apply subject matter learning in evaluation of “real world” situations and accordingly formate immediate course of action

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