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  • Dear Travis, Thank you for letting me in on Apprentice Day. I had a lot of fun! I would definitely recommend you for people who want to do graphic design. I really learned a lot! I had an amazing time and the food was great too!. haha. #NationalApprenticeDay Thanks!” – Bryce H. (November 2016). Learn more about this apprentice day at:

  • Dear Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve, I would like to personally thank your staff and your company. Your establishment has helped me get closer to my dream job. This experience will not be forgotten. This has helped me decide what I want to do when I get older. The staff was very kind and respectful to me. I feel this opportunity was very educational. I got to learn by doing hand on activities. I learned many life and business skills. I truly appreciate your company for giving me the opportunity to learn the life skills of securing my own food responsibility. This opportunity has also given me a basis on how to run my own business. Once again I would like to express my gratitude to Mountain Meadow. I got to learn and have fun on December 2, 2016 and I enjoyed the experience. Thank you.” – Grace Morgan. (December, 2016) Learn more about this apprentice day at:
  • “My son, Nathan Pack, participated in the Apprentice Day program with Scott Yoak, P-51 air show pilot.  Nathan is seven years old and is a second grade student at Lewisburg Elementary School.  He was very excited to spend the morning with a pilot, and he was not disappointed in any way. He had a great time, and it was very educational, as well.  This experience has increased his interest in flying. Thank you so much for the opportunity!” – Deena Pack.
  • “Great program, my daughter loved her time at the bakery!!”

  • “Thank you so much for the opportunities provided on the day! The Greenbrier staff was wonderful.”
  • “It is a great idea. Maybe a doctor, PA, or PT would be an additional apprenticing option for next year.”
  • “Excellent event. Thank you.”
  • “We were at Greenbrier Valley Baking Company.. Gina was wonderful… my daughter had a great time. Thanks for this opportunity!”