Become an Employer

Would you like to host an Apprentice Day Everyday visit?

If you enjoy the visit, would you like to mentor a local student in your business one day a week or one day a month?

All visits and mentoring are eligible for our youtube, facebook, and other media to show the benefit you are giving society.

We are building a community of business leaders to guide young adults in exploring their dream jobs. As a registered employer with Apprentice Day, you become our advocate for apprenticeships and an inspirational leader to our apprentices. You understand that apprenticeships change absolutely everything and by joining you are actively taking the extra step to:

  • Close America’s skills gap
  • Take millions of kids out of poverty
  • Lead the next generation toward equal and unlimited opportunity

Apprentice Day Everyday:

  • Free to register
  • Provide a tour of your facility
  • Show youth apprentices how your industry works – present daily tasks and responsibilities
  • This is a free, year-round program
  • 3-4 hours (recommended time-frame)
  • Take as many (or as few) kids as you want
  • This program is available to youth ages 6-18 years of age. Do you have age restrictions? No problem! Just tell us.
  • Flexible program. You tell us when you are available – One day a year, Two days a year, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, or you tell us!

12-Month Apprenticeship:

  • Free to register
  • Employ a local student one day a week or one day a month, or you tell us!
  • Show apprentices how the industry works and teach them valuable skills
  • This program is available to youth ages 15-21
  • Pay your youth apprentice a wage or don’t pay them. It’s up to you!

We thank you for taking the time to give back to the next generation and show that dreams are attainable regardless of income, race, gender, educational performance, impairment, and disability. Working together, we can connect America’s youth to your apprenticeships and offer an unparalleled chance to learn from you leaders and your experiences.

Become a Mentor:

  • Free to register
  • Open to apprentices and employers
  • Help make a positive impact on children and empowering them to succeed
  • Create a one-to-one relationship built on trust and friendship that can blossom into a future of unlimited potential
  • Everyone has the ability to create great self awareness. You can be the vehicle to help!

Unparalleled Value:

  • We value our relationship with you and offer unparalleled value to you and youth across America
  • Tell your stories! We will share them! All apprenticeship visits and mentoring are eligible for the following media to show the benefit you are giving society: 
    • Twitter tweets, photos and video
    • Snapchat photos and video
    • Facebook articles, photos, and video
    • Instagram photos and video
    • LinkedIn articles
    • Youtube videos
    • Newsletters
    • homepage video, family section, and employer list on our national map

What’s Good For Business:

We understand that companies want marketing opportunities. We are the vehicle to market their programs and services. We provide the best way to reward our businesses for helping us and their employees can be proud of them for getting involved with us. We see our partnerships as growing commitments on our part to involve the company more for their part. We appreciate their employees giving our apprentices first-hand experience about what their organization does.

We Seek Corporate Sponsors:

Our cause it worth the investment. The revenue opportunities in a partnership with National Apprentice Day include:

  • Cause marketing – A marketing program from our corporate sponsor that our organization is the highlight of and beneficiary of. We have the ability to gain awareness and percentage of sales. The corporate sponsor, in turn, has the ability to attract new customers who want to support our cause.
  • The Gift of Giving – Whether it’s one day a year or one day a week, we want our corporate sponsors to be involved in the programs we offer. They can provide our apprentices with the needed expertise and guidance to further our mission.
  • Workplace Giving – With payroll giving programs, we have the opportunity to present our mission face to face with every person in a company.
  • Customer Giving – Businesses with retail locations have the ability to present new opportunities to get their customers involved in giving to our organization at their cash registers. Our program can be a big win for a company, since they look like a great corporate citizen, while not needing to invest their own funds. All donations come from customers.
  • Volunteerism – An alliance with a company means they can team up with us and participate to train youth apprentices.

National Apprentice Day Benefits your Company:

  • Increase your sales of products or services
  • Increase employee engagement, morale and retention
  • Increase customer and brand loyalty
  • Draw media attention and coverage for free
  • Provide a motivating purpose for your company and employees
  • Increase shareholder return
  • Increase employee skill development, teambuilding, and leadership
  • Attract new business partners and relationships
  • Generate recognition for the good you are creating in society
  • Receive a tax donation for contributions.  

Your Support Benefits our Organization:

  • You will provide professional development for apprentices around the country
  • You will help close the skills gap
  • You will take millions of youth out of poverty by providing them with valuable skills
  • You will increase our funding to provide services such as youth transport
  • You will expand our donor base
  • You will connect us to new business partners
  • You will help us attract new volunteers
  • You will increase our brand recognition
  • You will increase our media coverage
We thank you for taking the time to give back and show that dreams are attainable regardless of income, race, or gender. Working together, we can connect America’s youth to your apprenticeships and offer an unparalleled chance to learn from your leadership and experience.

Would you like to become an employer? All visits and apprenticeships are free, services are donor funded. Register your business now!

(pictured above: Gina Lang with youth apprentices during an apprentice day. She is the co-owner of Greenbrier Valley Baking Company in Lewisburg, West Virginia)