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Why It Matters


According to the labor department, 5.8 million jobs today cannot be filled due to a growing skills gap. Of the 47 million youth living in the United States between 6-18 years, 16 million are living in poverty. Our free programs matter because we are working to resolve both of these major issues

“The kids had a blast!!! Your operation is WONDERFUL! Letting kids experience real life, hands on training is priceless!! P.S. they were happy to go home with some buffalo meat! I enjoyed you and the students!! See you soon! ” – Cortney White, owner at Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve.

National Apprentice Day is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donation funded that is working with employers and families nationwide to help build a stronger, more vibrant, and highly skilled workforce.  All services rendered are free to families and employers. In return for giving their time, we document the day. We write an article, make a video, and take photos which we promote on our website and on social media. All services are funded by donations from our contributors.

Why it’s Important:

Apprentice Day experiences not only help students understand the career opportunities available to them, they also inspire deeper and more personally relevant understanding of the importance of success in school.

This program can:

  • spark a desire to succeed in school in order to reach career goals.
  • turn on the light bulb for students who may need a little help understanding the relevance of success in school
  • offer encouragement to those who excel in school and are excited about pursuing the career of their dreams.

Educators often refer to “authentic learning opportunities.” Year-round, Apprentice Day offers real-world authentic learning opportunities that benefit students in so many ways and engages local businesses and parents in the process. It’s a win/win.

Our Mission

Our mission emphasizes what we are all about – connecting America’s youth to their dream job.

It is our duty to advance education through job shadowing programs that introduce youth to various work skills and careers so we can give youth the skills necessary to succeed in life.

“It’s a pleasure to work with Apprentice Day and Christina to bring on the job experience to children of all ages! We look forward to bringing apprentices to The Greenbrier again next year!” – Heather Orbaker, Onboarding Coordinator at The Greenbrier

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to close America’s skills gap and take millions of youth out of poverty.

“For years, experts have warned that Americans don’t have the skills required for new job fields, especially in engineering, technical, and science-related jobs.”

Skilled jobs depend on a skilled workforce and every child (regardless of income, race, gender, educational performance, impairment, and disability) deserves a fair and equal opportunity to succeed in life. Our purpose is to close the skills gap and reach out to all of America’s youth, especially those living in poverty.

From receiving a meal at an employer’s business, to transportation, to mentoring, we are here to help with a case by case, needs based approach.

Our programs demonstrate 5 key elements:

  • we value youth of all backgrounds, race, and gender, without exception
  • we are built around growth and discovery
  • we screen all employers for criminal and workplace safety history. we require 3rd party adult supervision during all introductory visits to ensure youth safety
  • we engage business leaders as key partners in our youths workplace success
  • we strive to seek quality employment opportunities for all of our apprentices

We have the ability to help America’s youth find their strengths and build confidence.

We are working with employers to help build a more dependable, more adaptable, and highly skilled workforce. Our mission emphasizes our core principle – connecting America’s youth to their dream job. It is our duty to advance education through job shadowing programs that introduce youth to various work skills and careers so we can give youth the skills necessary to succeed in life.

“Love it!! Thanks for giving our youth this wonderful opportunity! Abbe had a wonderful day!!!” – Patti Mike Sams, mother of youth apprentice from The Greenbrier’s apprentice day, held Dec 15, 2016.

Join us in building a community of business leaders to guide young adults in pursuing their dream job, free. We allow employers & apprentices to lead the way, safely.

From the president/founder of Apprentice Day, “National Apprentice Day is free for kids and businesses. We are building a community of business leaders to guide young adults in exploring their dream jobs because hands on learning is priceless. Our mission is to get kids out of the classroom and into the work force so they can succeed in life.” 

We thank you for your support!


Christina Entenmann, president/founder of National Apprentice Day. 

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