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  • Attention young apprentices, tell us your dream job! The Apprentice Day program is here to help you find your dream job no matter where you live, we want to expand to all 50 states! 
Today, Edward job shadowed at Greenbrier Technical Services in Ronceverte WV. He learned about circuit boards, programmable LEDs, laser cutters, and more! You can be our next success story, here's how to sign up! ApprenticeDay.org/GetStarted
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  • Travis Farley and Christina Entenmann are discussing Apprentice Day w/ Lisa Tignor, the host of Volunteer WV. Season 3, episode 1. Look us up on the Library channel!
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  • Students learn French Culinary @the_french_goat in Lewisburg, WV. See full story ApprenticeDay.org/News
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  • Alexa knows her stuff. #apprenticeday.
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  • Pick up the Monroe County Watchman this week to learn about #apprenticeday w/ #Senator @stephen.h.baldwin at the Charleston Capitol Complex, WV!
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  • Today’s Apprentice Day kids are making lemon curd with chef Stephen Gustard @the_french_goat in Lewisburg, WV!
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Learn Automotive Industry at K2 Motorsports

Employer:K2 Motorsports
Type of Business:Automotive
No. of Youth Apprentices:1-2

Learn the high-end automotive industry at K2 Motorsports, a full-service facility that provides top-level diagnostic and repair services, complemented by in-house fabrication, 2WD, 4WD, AWD dyno tuning services for clients in Greenbrier County West Virginia and surrounding areas.

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Learn Landscape Planning & Maintenance with Metro Atlanta Lawncare

Type of Business:Landscape
No. of Youth Apprentices:1-2

Students will recognize professional opportunities related to landscape design and more with Metro Atlanta Lawncare in Buckhead, Georgia.

Learn More

Learn Culinary at Hill and Holler

Employer:Hill and Holler
Type of Business:restaurant
No. of Youth Apprentices:1-3

Learn to cook with Toni Tatum at Hill and Holler in Lewisburg WV and learn to use the finest ingredients and work as part of a team.

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How to Be a Music Teacher at Warner Music Studios

Type of Business:music school
No. of Youth Apprentices:1-2

Students will demonstrate an understanding of music schools as a means for engaging communities, creating cultural awareness, and providing ethical leadership.

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Apprentice Day w/ WV House of Delegate Mark Dean

Type of Business:Government/Politics
No. of Youth Apprentices:1-2

Apprentices will have an understanding how trends affect the profession, recognize professional standards, and learn about leadership roles w/ WV House of Delegate Mark Dean

Learn More

Learn How to Operate a Local Toy Store at Love Child

Employer:Love Child
Type of Business:Retail/Toy Store
No. of Youth Apprentices:1

Apprentices will recognize the importance of delivering high quality customer service concerning product knowledge and delivery in small business retail.

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Learn About Electronics & Engineering at Greenbrier Technical Services

Type of Business:Manufacturing/Engineering/Electronics
No. of Youth Apprentices:3

Learn how to repair PC Boards and electromechanical assemblies for food service (McDonalds, Panera Bread, etc)

Learn More

Learn French Culinary at The French Goat

Employer:The French Goat
Type of Business:Culinary/French Restaurant
No. of Youth Apprentices:1

Apprentices will learn how to prepare French style dishes with Chef Gustard. Stephen Gustard was born to cook. Like many chefs before him, he started at a young age helping his mother and grandmother in the kitchen and as he got older…

Learn More

Learn Meteorology at WVVA News

Type of Business:Meteorology/News
No. of Youth Apprentices:1

Apprentices will understand how to use a variety of scientific techniques to understand, interpret, and observe and predict the earth’s atmosphere and its phenomena. 

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Learn Veterinary Services at Fisher Hollow Vet Clinic

Type of Business:Veterinarian
No. of Youth Apprentices:1-2

Learn about animal health care and health studies. Depending on the situation, apprentices may be exposed to an animal’s X-rays and see medicines for animals with illnesses. They may witness a surgery and euthanasia if necessary.

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Learn Small Business/Retail at Bella the Corner Gourmet

Type of Business:Small Business/Retail
No. of Youth Apprentices:1

Apprentices will gain an understanding of the responsibilities of a small business and have recognize marketing/sales strategies and implementation to drive business, such as print advertising, public relations, online marketing, and networking.

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Learn about Information Technology at Greenbrier Technologies & Electric

Type of Business:Information Technology
No. of Youth Apprentices:1

Greenbrier Technologies & Electric offers their clients with electrical contracting, home automation, phone systems, computer network management, security solutions, and more.

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Learn about Graphic Design w/ Travis Farley Design & Made U Look Digital Sign Co

Type of Business:Graphic Design/Arts
No. of Youth Apprentices:1-2

Graphic designers create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers.

Learn More

How to Run a Restaurant at Landings in Lewisburg, WV

Type of Business:Restaurant
No. of Youth Apprentices:1-10

Learn about food and beverage and small business management at Lewisburg’s newest restaurant, Landings!

Learn More

Running a Crossfit Gym & Coaching a Class!

Type of Business:Health & Fitness
No. of Youth Apprentices:1-5 (maximum)

CRC encourages wellness and recreation, and strengthens members so that they may do be more successful in all daily functional movements.

Learn More

Learn about Operations Behind a Brewery at Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company

Type of Business:Agriculture
No. of Youth Apprentices:5-10

Youth will learn about general operations behind a brewery, the brewing and canning process, inventory, and marketing of the business.

Learn More

Learn “Clergy” at Lewisburg United Methodist Church

Type of Business:Church/Clergy
No. of Youth Apprentices:3-5

Clergy are some of the main and important formal leaders within the Christian church.

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How to be a Teacher at Lewisburg United Methodist Church

Type of Business:Education/Church
No. of Youth Apprentices:1-5

Apprentices will lead students in an activity, such as an art project, science experiment, read aloud or demonstrate a special talent as a ‘guest speaker’.

Learn More

Learn How to be a Magazine Publisher/Editor w/ HashtagWV

Type of Business:Arts and Entertainment Publication
No. of Youth Apprentices:1-3 (maximum)

Reaching 20,000 readers a month, HASHTAGWV is a free arts and entertainment tabloid dedicated to providing useful information in the areas of Greenbrier County, Pocahontas County, parts of Alleghany, Raleigh, and Monroe County, and more.

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Learn about the Hunting Industry at Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve

Type of Business:Hunting
No. of Youth Apprentices:3-5

Be out in the great outdoors and learn about different animals! Learn what it takes to own and operate a business in the hunting industry.

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Dog Training Apprentice Day w/ Goodladd Dog Training, Ages 14-18

Type of Business:Dog Training
No. of Youth Apprentices:2

Learn canine obedience training with empathy.

Learn More

Learn about Marketing, Fundraising, & Special Event Planning at Carnegie Hall!

Employer:Carnegie Hall
Type of Business:Arts
No. of Youth Apprentices:3-5

Carnegie Hall is committed to cultivating an appreciation for creativity and excellence in the arts.

Learn More