Apprentice Day Guide


Thank you for registering for Apprentice Day! Click the appropriate link:

Youth Apprentices




Get excited! You are about to embark on a journey of self discovery!

Before Apprentice Day:

  1. Make sure you are registered! You will receive a confirmation email from our team.
  2. Tell us your Expectations! We need this form to understand your knowledge of the industry: APPRENTICEDAY.ORG/EXPECTATIONS
  3. Make sure your employer has contacted you.
  4. Be prepared! Have the following forms completed a week before your apprentice day
  5.  Bring this form with you to your apprentice day:
  6. Timing is everything! Make sure you have the correct day and time of your apprentice day. Do you not know it? Call us at 888-B-DREAM’N or email

During Apprentice Day:

  1. Show up early! At least 10 minutes.
  2. Show respect and good behavior at all times. Our employers are participating voluntarily.
  3. It’s real life work! Make the best of your experience and do the responsibilities that are asked of you.
  4. Ask questions! You are here to learn!

After Apprentice Day:

  1. How did you day go? Let us know w/ APPRENTICE DAY RECAP
  2. Always be thankful! Write a “THANK YOU LETTER” to our donors. Here are some ways you can write it:
    • A hand-written classic! You can hand write this letter and mail it to us at: National Apprentice Day. PO Box 744. Lewisburg, WV. 24901
    • Use our website! Write the letter on our contact form. Click here.
    • Use social media! Write a post or hand write your letter, take a photo of it, and upload it to social media. Tag the business and @apprenticeday #apprenticeday
  3. Take a survey! We are emailing you one and it takes less than 5 minutes!
    • Do you have feedback? This survey is an excellent opportunity to tell us!

Always show appreciation to the ones who helped you the most.

A little thank you will mean so much!



We are excited to connect you to youth apprentice(s) and show them their dream job!

Before Apprentice Day:

Planning for Apprentice Day:

  • Connect with your apprentices! Assign one person from your business to contact the apprentices. Greet them over the phone and discuss the following:
    • Do your apprentices need to show up a few minutes early? Let them know a specific time.
    • Kids are hungry! Do you plan to provide snacks, refreshments, and maybe lunch? Tell them so they can be prepared.
    • Do you have a large company? Are there several entrances? Provide your apprentice with a designated location to meet you.

During Apprentice Day:

  • Ready for apprentice day!
    • Give your apprentices name badges.
    • Get to know your apprentices! Ask open-ended questions such as
      • 1.) Do you know what we do here?
      • 2.) Do any of your family members work a job like this?
      • 3.) Why did you visit us?
      • 4.) Do you think this job requires a college degree?
    • Show your apprentices a tour of your facility.
    • Tell your apprentices what you do!
    • Get your apprentices to learn hands on! Provide at least 3 responsibilities for your apprentices.
    • Take photos and/or video with your apprentices! Let’s share this special day with the world!

End of the Day:

  • Thank your apprentices for choosing your business.
  • Did your apprentices make something? Let them take it home as a keepsake!
  • Say your goodbyes!

After Apprentice Day:

  • Share your photos and video! Provide a story too! We will share your day!
    • Email them to
    • Share on social media and tag us @apprenticeday #apprenticeday
  • Take a survey! We are sending you one and it takes less than 5 minutes!
    • Do you have feedback? This survey is an excellent opportunity to tell us!

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Apprentice Day, please feel free to contact us at or call 1-888-B-DREAM’N.